Frequently Asked Questions:

Are the rooms furnished?
No, you will need to bring your own furniture, bed linens, towels and any other personal items you would like to have in your room to make it feel like home.  You are welcome to hang pictures, bring in plants.  All rooms are pre-wired for cable so you can bring your own TV and you may also want to bring a small fridge.

Does the building have air conditioning?
The common areas on the main floor are air conditioned.   You can bring in a window air conditioner for your room which we will install/uninstall according to the season for a nominal monthly fee.

Can I bring my car?
Yes you can bring your car, we have a parking lot at the back of the building.  An assigned parking spot is available for a small fee. 

Is the building secure?
All outside doors are locked.  You will have a key to the building as well as to your own room.
Visitors are admitted to the building by staff.
Entrances to the building and common areas are monitored by surveillance cameras.

Can I leave the building when I want?
You can come and go as you like.

Are there specific visiting hours?
Your family and friends are welcome any time of the day.  Our staff are available 24 hours a day to allow access to visit you.

 What happens when I move in?
You will be required to provide us with a letter from your doctor regarding your current physical and mental health.  Our registered nurse will also conduct an assessment of your current health.  You will be required to sign a Resident Agreement which will indicate your particular accommodation and your basic services, plus any additional services you require, along with the monthly charge for each.  You will be provided with a Resident Handbook which contains all of the information about Park View Retirement Home, services offered, amenities provided, your rights as a resident of the home, our policies and procedures and the Retirement Homes Regulatory Authority rules and regulations under which our home operates.  You will be asked to read the Handbook and sign that you have read it as evidence that you are aware of your protective rights as a resident and the policies and regulations governing the operation of our home.  You will also be assigned a “buddy” to help you get familiar with your new surroundings and to introduce you to other fellow residents.

We are always available should you require any additional information or have other questions.  Don’t hesitate to 
contact us at any time.